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Why Reusable Tote and Market Bags

We need to think about the future of the planet, especially for our children and grandchildren‘s generations.  Back in the colonial time period up through the 1940’s, many people used material sacks (canvas, fabric, etc) to carry their market and everyday items.  But that changed along the way for quick use disposable bags.  Paper bags quickly became the choice for many businesses.  Paper bags were “ok” as they could be reused as school book covers, used to light our wood stoves, compostable, and we’re biodegradable.

However, they had a bad consequence.  Many of the rainforests and natural forests were being cut down to produce paper bags.  Thus somewhere around the 1970’s to 1980’s plastic bags became the mainstream and thought to be more environmentally friendly.  Little did we know…. Today our planet is full of plastic pollutants.  Many of the first bags were not recyclable and ended up in landfills, or poorly discarded.  Today most bags are recyclable.  However, there is a problem.

First off, these bags are made from harmful petroleum and other harmful chemicals.  While the bags may be recyclable, many local towns do not allow them to be placed in recycle bins and must be discarded in your ”regular” trash.  This means they end up in landfills, discarded at our boat launches or trail heads, littering the sides of streets, etc.   My town had a few stores that would take back the bags and reuse or send them off to be recycled.  Unfortunately thanks to COVID-19, they no longer accept them.

THE SOLUTION!  Go back to using reusable fabric tote / market bags.  Here’s why:

1. They can be used over and over again.  They are stronger and can carry more items without tearing.

2. If they do get a hole, they can be sewed making them usable again.

3. They are made of fabric, meaning they will decompose in a few years if they are discarded.

4. They can be cleaned / washed / and disinfected - making them safe


Yes you read right.  Many of the tote / market bags (including the ones I sell) can be printed with photos, come already designed, customized with a monogram, etc.  They can even meet your everyday fashion or replace your purse; as some have inner pockets.

If your would like to purchase one of mine have a look here:

Large Market, urban bags with pockets, basic totes

Basic tote bag


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