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Through the years, I have taken numerous trips. I am always in search of new places to photo in my travels. Not all my images come from days, I specifically go out and shoot. In fact, I have accumulated 20,000 images (not all will be publically shared), just in random road trips alone.

The reason for making this point, is to help you capture more photos. You need to always have a camera with you. You never know when a shot is going to produce itself, and you will want to keep that memory and tell stories about it. It was not to long ago (only 20 years) when most of us were still using film cameras, which limited our photography (each roll had only 12-24 images available for shooting, you had to be very careful with storage and handling your film, pray the developer did not ruin the images, etc). Today we are all digital (although some still enjoy shooting film). There is no excuse for not shooting.

You may ask: “What the best camera for your shots?” Hint – “It is the one you have with you, and what you can afford.” Many cell phones today take great shots. Infact, most smart phones take better images than some of the point-and-shoots still on the market. Cell phones are now almost producing DSLR capable settings, and great image resolution. New smaller mirrorless cameras are appearing on the market, making for DSLR quality (without all the weight) in a nice compact form. But, if you’re like me, I prefer DSLR for my professional images.

As you can see by the maps below, I have travelled up and down the East Coast. These maps only show 1997 through 2010 (as most of my “for the record” images then were with a phone that did geo tagging). Since 2010, I have been mostly shooting DSLR, so I lost the Auto- Geotagging. For this reason, I suggest using a good camera for your favorite shots and a smart phone just to shoot a “for the record” shots, so you can remember where you been. I have literally been in every east coast state, and also the Bahamas.

In my travels, I have been up and down back roads, major highways, in the city, lost in rural areas, etc. On the days I am alone, I have been known to drive in circles, just taking random roads to see what’s down them – only to end up a few hundred feet from where I initially turned. I guess that comes froms my teenage years, when my good friend and I, Mike Espenet, used to jump in the car and drive endlessly. Although I was into photography somewhat back then, I wished I had a camera to record the places we been. Most of those places no longer exist due to urban development and the toll of time. Today, I always have some sort of camera with me. Whether it is my smart phone, one of my DSLR’s, my Sony action cam (GoPro like), you will always find me stopping and grabbing a shot or two. I do not carry my camcorder with me, as that is reserved for my professional video work. But hey, my smart phone shoots 4K video.

So the next time you leave your home, remember to take that camera. You may just end up being on your way to become another well known street photographer or artist. But mostly, you will have those great memories to reflect on.

Until next time

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