This is series two – in my discussion on how a bicycle can aid in your photography. Today, I am exploring the Greensboro Arboretum. Using a bike on a greenway and along streets will allow you to move quickly. Also, with the surface being smooth concrete or asphalt, you can carry you r DSLR equipment without fear of crashing your bike and ruining your gear.

Today, I was able to cover 5.4 miles in under three hours (including the time to stop and take photos). The length of the arboretum is 1.7 miles (one way). In order to tour the park and take the pictures I wanted, I had to travel 1.7 miles; backtrack 1 mile to an overlook, backtrack 1 mile to the point I was at, and then backtrack the 1.7 miles to the entrance I came in on. Can you imagine walking this distance in 80-degree heat; carrying my equipment? I would have been worn out. The bike made my day fun, and took out a lot of the physical nature (while still getting my exercise).

The great thing about photo-cycling, is most anyone can do it. In photo-cycling, you are not out to win any race. You can move at your own pace, and take all the time you need, Your bike carries the weight of the equipment, and you enjoy all the fun.

Bike tour through the Greensboro, NC arboretum

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