Blue Heron Mountain Bike Trail - Greensboro, North Carolina

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This is the first entry, in what I hope will be an on-going topic; and leading to a future magazine. What I want to bring you is how cycling can aid your photography; as well as highlighting some of the areas I have been to.

Now if you are like me, you might be a little hesitant to carry your DSLR on a bike, for risking falling and damaging your gear. Don’t despair. While I may be a little more adventurous than you; I can assure you that combining the two can be great fun. Most hobbyists would probably carry a point-n-shoot camera, which is easier when biking.

In this episode, I will not be discussing camera gear. Rather this is an intro to the subject of photo-cycling and I will be covering bike gear today.

For today’s video, my camera of choice is a Sony HDR-AS100V Action Cam with wrist remote, and a selfie pole. The sony is similar to a GoPro. If you do carry your DSLR equipment, make sure the carrying pack is very padded; especially if you are venturing off-road.

I hope you enjoy this short video and my ride today. This video is not sped up in anyway, and was a demonstration to how fast you can cover an area. I am by no means an experienced mountain biker, so I was a little slower in some of the more difficult areas. Nevertheless, this was a fun trail; even for a 46 year old beginner.

*Note to self. Next time wear my riding gloves when using a METAL selfie-pole, and also position the cam a little higher when on the helmet.

Photocycling - Blue Heron Trail

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