Behind my lens - what and why I photo.

About Scott Hervieux

Most artists have a niche, and they seem to stick to only those subjects. This is to say, that they only paint landscape scenes, only nature scenes, only still life, etc. Very seldom do they venture into other art forms. Early on, I was told that if I wanted to “get myself known” or “sell works” that I must find my niche and stick only to those subjects or type of artistic renditions. That may be all well and good, but that would mean passing up many subjects that I find interesting. To me, limiting myself to a niche would mean stifling part of my artistic mind. As someone who has been into photography for a long time, I have developed an eye to find an image in many different subjects. While most of my images revolve around nature and landscapes, I do also enjoy still life, streets scenes, people, and pets. I also dabble in spiritual expressions that represent my faith from time to time. To me, artistry should not be limited to a certain market. Artistry represents our inner soul and passions. This is why my subjects vary. So “What is my niche?” I will define it as “Fine Art Photographer and Artist”. I do not limit myself. I will capture and work on any image that captures my eye and creativity. I also offer photographic services, although I have shied away from getting involved in wedding photography.

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