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Reuse and Recycle

I believe in keeping our planet green and free from trash.  The state and town I live in requires recycling, and that is a good thing.  Their goal (although not always managed correctly) is to keep as much out of the landfill as possible.  It is amazing how much reusable waste we generate on a weekly basis; from cans, jars, paper, cardboard, to food scraps, etc.

Truth be told, I drive my wife crazy with my reuse / recycle / upcycle habits.  We have a bin for our recycling, a bin for our trash, and I recently added a bin for compostable items (like paper, cardboard, vegetable food scraps, coffee grinds and filters, etc.   You see, I hike the trails, fish the ponds / lake, and I see the little left behind.

It is predicted that our state’s landfill will reach capacity in the next 20 years or by 2050, whichever happens first.  Sadly, at one time there was legislature aimed at expanding the landfill right up to the reservoir that feeds 90% of the state’s drinking water.  WHAT A DUMB IDEA!  Residents already know the trash we through in their, building materials, and there was at one time contracted out-of-state hazardous waste.  The out-of-state-hazardous waste has since been stopped, but instate waste dumping continues.  God only knows what is in that soil.

So here is how I see it, and what I do:

1. Unwanted usable items gets sold on social media or donated to Goodwill.

2. Compostable items get composted and the finish compost is used in my garden.

3. Regular trash, that has to be put in the trash is discarded accordingly.

4. If I need something that does not require to be new, I check the thrift stores or pick it up from people putting them for free at the side of the road.  Occasionally I visit yard / garage sales - but I really do not need more items sitting around.

5. If I see something that can easily bone up cycled and resold - I take a chance and do it (not as often as I used to).

6. Clean up the litter that has been left at our trailheads and boat ramps.

Speaking of litter at our trailheads and boat ramps.  One day, I discovered so much being dumped during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, I went on a rant on our town’s facebook page.  After calming down.  I decided to make a documentary the next time I went out to do my part in keeping it clean.  I did how ever include some of my rant, to get my point across.  You can see the video below.  So the next time you have an item that is going to be discarded and you do not need, I hope you take the time to properly dispose the item by either donating, reusing, recycling, upcycling, selling, or giving it to someone who wants it.

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