On top of a mountain

Untitled photo

Climbing Mount Chocorua

(New Hampshire)

Back in 1993.. I accompanied a group of people I worked with, while at MEDITECH in Boston, Mass on a hiking trip to the top of Mount Choroa just off the Kankamangus highway in New Hampshire. Needless to say, I found I was a little physically out of shape. … I am glad I took the hike. Standing there overlooking God’s creation made me think of a wonderful creator and the power he holds. Imagine that he spoke all this into being. Also accompanying me on this hike (or should I say carrying my pack, on the way up, as I was really out of shape) was a good friend I grew up with – Todd Belanger. This trip was the start of my passion of being an outdoor photographer and adventurist. Unfortunately, this passion took a detour until only a few years ago, when I started hiking and cycling again.

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