Bike Tour Through Gibsonville, North Carolina

When the weather gets above 50 degrees in February, there is nothing better to do than get outside. Well today was one of those days…

Because the weather was so nice, it was time to take out my new mountain bike. Since it was the first time being on a bike in 20 years, I decided I shouldn’t tackle any trails. Instead, I decided to take a couple of short rides around the city limits of the town of Gibsonville, North Carolina.

Gibsonville is a sleepy little town during the non-warm months. In the Spring through early fall, there are concerts on the green, farmer’s markets, and festivals. Not much happens during the winter with the exception of the lights and carols during Christmas time. Yes, Gibsonville is a laid back southern town where people still meet on the main street, sip their sweet tea on the porch, and also have a weekly ice cream treat at Six Scoops on Main Street.

Below is a short (8 minute) video of my ride through the city limits. I sped up most parts in order to shorten. The total ride took 1 hr, and rode for 6.8 miles. I did not go through every little cul-de-sac. Oh and on a fitness note, I burned a total of 232 calories (That’s it?). This getting in shape is going to be a lot of work…

Map of my route

Untitled photo

Tour of Gibsonville

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